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and   as   a   turning  point   changing   defeat  into  victory. China, then, has in the course of sixteen months of the war, strictly followed the fixed strategy, which was based on the three principles:
(1)  a prolonged resistance
(2)  national resistance on all fronts
(3)  a fight to keep the initiative in battle.
These principles are the essential factors for securing the final victory.
At the beginning of the war, knowing that the supreme sacrifice had to be made, the Chinese Government began to build up the Western provinces as the principal base for a prolonged resistance.
I have already said to you (the declaration at Kuling) that a war of resistance is not an affair of six months or a year, and that once the war is begun, it must be a war to the end, and there can be no turning back midway to seek a peace of compromise. It is only by undergoing the greatest hardships and sacrifices that the people of China can hope to achieve the final victory.
Temporary reverses shall not weaken our will to continue to resist. The extension of the theatre of military operations was long ago expected. China has a vast territory, an enormous population and rich resources, and the more extended the field of battle, the more divided will Japan's fighting power become. The enemy will be forced to fight in a manner favourable to China's tactics. Consequently, the fighting will no longer be confined to a region, as it was at Shanghai and at Nanking, but the Chinese forces shall take the entire initiative and enjoy all liberty of action. The nation should launch attacks everywhere against the Japanese.
I repeat that the war of Chinese resistance is not like an ordinary war between two nations fighting for the desire of power, but our war is a revolutionary war fought for national liberation. Such a war can never be limited or handicapped by time or space, by money or questions of economics, by communications, poison gas, inferiority of equipment,, or by the weight of sacrifices. There shall be no other end except final victory.